Unusual and International

“Unusual and International” is the motto for the 2012 Delhi International Arts Festival in India.

The Festival Council are as follows:

Aruna Vasudev – Special Advisor & Film Activist & Commentator
Shanta Serbjeet Singh – Arts Critic & Vice Chairman – Sangeet Natak Akademi
Rati Vinay Jha – Retd. Bureaucrat & Social & Cultural Activist
Madhu Kishwar – Professor @ CSDS, Chairperson – Manushi
Lalit Mansingh – Former Foreign Secretary
Ashok Vajpeyi – Retd. Bureaucrat & Poet & Art Visionary
Anita Singh – Cultural Activist
Sundari Nanda – IPS & Cultural Activist
S K Aggarwal – Educationist
U. Radhakrishnan – Film Activist
Jyotica Sikand – Cultural Activist
Gurdit Singh – Manager
Naveen Jaiswal – Design

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