Unusual and International

“Unusual and International” is the motto for the 2012 Delhi International Arts Festival in India.

The Festival Council are as follows:

Aruna Vasudev – Special Advisor & Film Activist & Commentator
Shanta Serbjeet Singh – Arts Critic & Vice Chairman – Sangeet Natak Akademi
Rati Vinay Jha – Retd. Bureaucrat & Social & Cultural Activist
Madhu Kishwar – Professor @ CSDS, Chairperson – Manushi
Lalit Mansingh – Former Foreign Secretary
Ashok Vajpeyi – Retd. Bureaucrat & Poet & Art Visionary
Anita Singh – Cultural Activist
Sundari Nanda – IPS & Cultural Activist
S K Aggarwal – Educationist
U. Radhakrishnan – Film Activist
Jyotica Sikand – Cultural Activist
Gurdit Singh – Manager
Naveen Jaiswal – Design

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Edinburgh Art Festival

Not long now before the Edinburgh Art Festival kicks off.  Over on Cockburn St is an exhibition that looks like a bunch of paint cans sitting on the floor. Twenty years ago someone puled the same stunt at DeMarco on Blackfriars. That time it was a mop and bucket. Yawn… Anyway, the festival is:

Scotland’s largest annual visual arts festival, showcasing a diverse and vibrant programme of visual arts exhibitions and events across museums, galleries and pop-up spaces the length and breadth of the city centre and beyond…

I might just give the “Art” a miss and check out a few bookstores, also part of the festival.

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Polymer Arts Conference in Korea

The 12th Pacific Polymer Conference (known as PPC-12), which will be held on Jeju Island in Korea - November 13 to 17. The last such conference (in 1997) at Kyeongju, had 820 participants,  and there were 587 papers presented. Since then young polymer scientists ahve researched nano-technology, electronic materials, biomedical polymers, and much more. This conference will cover every aspect of polymer science as well as engineering and industrial developments.

Prior to this, my happiest experience surrounded by colleagues in the polymer field was at the 9th International Symposium.

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Galway Arts Festival Underway

Running 11-24 July in 2011, the Galway Arts Festival celebrates both the performing and the visual arts, from an Irish and international perspective. Every year more than 150,000 people attend the festival, to view and participate in a variety of arts including theater, street art, comedy, spectacle, literature and music.

Like Wellington, Melbourne, San Francisco and Glasgow – Galway leverages its dismal weather and smaller stature to position itself as the leading artistic society in its land. Consequently this is of enormous economic value to the city, and indirectly to Ireland as well.

The official site:

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Bali Arts Festival Starts This Weekend

Since 1979 tourists have ventured over to Bali (an Indonesian island where the main religion is surprisingly Hindu) for something special in addition to the beauty and the amazingly happy and friendly locals. That would be the month-long arts festival known as Pesta Kesenian Bali – the number one showcase of Balinese culture.

This year the event will run from June 11 until July 9 and kicks off with a parade through Denpasar, starting at the Bajra Sandhi monument and culminating at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts. Expect to see costumed performers as well as gamelan orchestras, providing in turn music and dance.

Other festival events will include puppet plays, handicraft exhibitions, Legong dance dramas, and poetry. Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will make an opening speech.

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Arts Festival News – Welcome!

The plan is to keep y’all up-to-date with the latest news and information on arts festivals around the world. Here’s some end-of-2010 news to kick things off:

The Downtown Dunedin Art Festival will be back for the 14th time on January 8 -9, 2011. The Main Street of Dunedin (which was actually the original name of Edinburgh, and the name of a city in New Zealand) a first class will be transformed into an outdoor art gallery. Free for one and all to attend.

Art Festival in Dunedin

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